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13th Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2018 – Closing night film

Georg Friedrich Haas is a world-famous composer and the protagonist of this year’s graduation film THE ARTIST & THE PERVERT. On October 6, his new composition MONOLOG FÜR GRAZ celebrated its world premiere, with Haas himself as spokesman of a long monologue on the political situation in Austria – a very personal text that is valid far beyond state politics for the global political shift to the right, as thoughtful as combative right, that makes you angry. A luta continua. Basically, the fight starts first.

“Next time” – over and over I heard this phrase – “next time we’ll do better.”

Yes, they are doing better. No, they no longer build murder factories, in which they kill people industrially in large numbers as planned. Today, they are content to just let people drown in the Mediterranean. You do not have to build any more crematoria to burn the bodies. Most of the dead disappear by themselves in the sea. And they no longer need to cart people around in horror in railway carriages across Europe – today the victims organize their own transport.

It is not a murder anymore. Only more killing by failure to help.

It’s not a mass murder anymore. Only more mass killing by masses omitted assistance.