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Pornfilmfestival Berlin presents “Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life”

In collaboration with Edition Salzgeber and queerfilmfestival Berlin Pornfilmfestival Berlin presents Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life.

On August 30th 2019 at 9:30 pm the movie will be shown with German subtitles at Cinema Delphi Lux (IL/GER 2018, 106 Min., hebr./engl. OV + engl. subtitles, by Tomer Heymann, with Jonathan Agassi). Jonathan Agassi will be present.

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On October 26th and 27th 2019 Pornfilmfestival Berlin will show the film with English subtitles. Tickets will be available from October 1st 2019 on the website of the Moviemento.

Jonathan Agassi is one of the most successful gay porn stars in the world. Director Tomer Heymann followed him for eight years, both in his temporary hometown of Berlin and with his mother in Tel Aviv, in his Israeli homeland. Although Jonathan claims he has the best job in the world and says that it actually saved his life, it soon becomes clear that he is not particularly happy. Afflicted by childhood traumas, Jonathan seems casual in the execution of the countless acts of sex with which he earns his living. But he increasingly uses hard drugs to numb his feelings. Finally, he is forced to see the harsh reality of his extreme lifestyle. A rare and intimate look into the world of porn and escorts, as well as the touching portrait of a unique mother-son relationship that redefines familiar family norms.

As supporting film we will show “Pizza Roles” by Danny Tayara & Ari Chivukula (US 2017, 5 minutes, Englisch original version).

All Work No Play

By Bedside Productions x Morph

Support new project challenging the dominance of toxic, ultra-male stereotypes in porn!

50 years after the liberation of porn in Denmark, two Copenhagen-based communities, Bedside Productions and Morph, represent a new generation of filmmakers connected to the local resurgence of feminist porn.

For ‘All Work No Play’, they will join forces for an ambitious project exploring male sexuality beyond identity. The project is a documentarian experiment in male relations and their potential for eroticism, foregoing the old tropes of porn. Its aim is to create images that inspire new ways of thinking about male sexuality.

Sex-positive filmmaking is incredibly hard to fund. Yet, the production is committed to fair pay for its performers and creating the best cinematic experience for its audience. Your support can therefore make a difference!

Volunteers needed for 2019!

Pornfilmfestival Berlin needs volunteers and helping hands for its 14th edition from Oct. 21–27th 2019. During the time of the festival the PFF-team needs massive help to manage and organize the festival and support in guest management, info counters and general help at various festival spots.

It is unpaid work with a minimum of 4×4 hours during the week no. 43 (Oct. 21st–27th). The volunteers should be able to communicate in German and in English, be open-minded for the themes of the festival – sexuality, porn, gender politics, sex-work, fetish or LGBTI, not shy to talk to many very different people and feel strong enough to guide the festival guests through the sometimes rough and stressful festival jungle. Working hours can be very late or very early!

The PFF only needs help to manage the festival, please note that right now there are no positions in film selection, curating, hosting or moderating.

Please send your application with information about you and your strengths that you will commit to the festival to:

Athens Festival of Queer Performance

Do you feel artists should be paid for their work, especially when there is no institutional funding? Then please support the Athens Festival of Queer Performance! AFoQP is a brand new festival in Athens, aiming to present performance art from the local scene but also from abroad. It is is exclusively funded by self-organised events and an international online fundraising campaign and without corporate sponsorship.

We are interested in exploring any co-existence and dialogue between different disciplines that can form a performance (conceptual art, body art, devised theatre, video art, drag show, musical acts, spoken word etc etc) and their connection with queer, feminist practices and theories, queer communities, individuals and their thematics of interest.

14th Pornfilmfilmfestival Berlin 2019 – opening film & closing film

The long film selection for the 14th Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2019 is finished. The festival opens on 22 October 2019 with Madison Young’s “Unravelled Intimacies”, produced by Erika Lust. The closing film on 27 October 2019 will be “Die traurigen Mädchen aus den Bergen” (The Sad Girls from the Mountains) by Candy Flip & Theo Meow.

The short film selection will be completed by mid-July, further information on the programme will follow shortly.

SxTech Conference, July 1st, 2019, Berlin

SxTech is happy to announce their dynamic program of inspired innovators and leaders in the Sex and Fem-Tech Industry. The noticeable lineup includes some of the many women contributing to widespread changes by encouraging alternative narratives and dampening societal stigmas with their ventures.

Visitors will have diverse opportunities for interaction with live panel discussions and showcases, original masterclasses, witness the winning results of an all-day mentor-led Hackathon, and can explore business opportunities with matchmaking Roundtable events and exhibitors.

Get tickets with 30% discount with the community discount code HARMONYCODE.

More details and tickets at


Harmony, the world’s most advanced AI sex robot takes the stage at Berlin’s SxTech conference, July 1st, 2019.

Pornfilmfestival Berlin guest at the International Short Film Festival Hamburg

The International Short Film Festival Hamburg invited Erika Lusta nd Porn Film Festival Berlin to present films in the series Labor der Gegenwart: Pleasure Rebels – Feminism, Making Love and Anarchy.


This film selection features XConfessions films, based on fans’ fantasies, six Erika Lust originals and one by a guest director. Every piece holds a ground-breaking erotic narrative, where taboos are shattered: from female masturbation to bending gender norms, from group love to fetishes, from dreamy fantasies to naturalist realness- all with an evolving cinematic style that brings a perfect combination of aesthetics and sensuality. This selection also features a trailer made for the celebration of 100 XConfessions films.

Filmprogram 1: A Glimpse of XConfessions

Thursday, 2019 June 6 19:00 Metropolis
Saturday, 2019 June 8 20:15 Zeise 1

Filmprogram 2: Awakening Visions

Thursday, 2019 June 6 21:00 Metropolis
Saturday, 2019 June 8 22:15 Zeise 1

Visions of desire – two short film programs of the Pornfilmfestival Berlin

The programme “Desire, Domination, Death” presents films that deal with desires and fantasies in BDSM. Four films provide insights into the game of dominance and submission. The Hamburgian director Jochen Hick opens the programme with a guest contribution that offers an intimate view of the life of “Gerd Hansen, 55”. Axel Straudinger’s vintage porn collage “Pornogewitter” transfers the fugue’s musical composition principle to pornographic depictions of love. In his experimental documentary “Protokolle”, Jan Soldat shows us close-ups of obscured faces during which men reveal their secret desires. Jan Soldat captures human sexualities beyond what is considered normal in his work. “Blood” too looks at yearnings. External material and staged scenes are mixed, culminating in a tour de force of sex, pain and self-digestion.

The programme “Body Politics” consists of five films with lots of new perspectives on the capital Berlin. Not only is Berlin the place the directors are calling their home, but it’s also some of the films’ pivotal point. Naya Pascual’s (The Outdoor Cat) film “Piedad” refuses all attempts of classification. Two sex workers are at the centre: They hang out at the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin, listen to trap music and wait for work. In this postmodern romantic thriller, love, friendship and sex encounter comedy, music and unexpected burials. Harvey Rabbit’s “The Chemo Darkroom” shows the dark room as a space of desire and rediscovery of the own body after chemo therapy. “It’s all consensual!” says the synopsis of “No Democracy Here” by Liad Hussein Kantorowcz. On election day, Liad gives her slaves a lesson in democracy. With an unusual kind of election, the film explores the boundaries between self-determination and submission within the context of BDSM. In their music clip “Release Me”, the Berliner band “Evvol” celebrates the summer of Berlin, queer femininity and intimacy among friends. “This Performance was not in the Programme” unravels the occurrences of a Berlin porn shooting in 2013.

Filmprogramm 1: Desire Domination, Death

Friday, 2019 June 7 22:00 B-Movie

Filmprogramm 2: Body Politics

Sonday, 2019 June 9 21:30 Zeise 2

More info at