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Pornfilmfestival Berlin guest at the International Short Film Festival Hamburg

The International Short Film Festival Hamburg invited Erika Lusta nd Porn Film Festival Berlin to present films in the series Labor der Gegenwart: Pleasure Rebels – Feminism, Making Love and Anarchy.


This film selection features XConfessions films, based on fans’ fantasies, six Erika Lust originals and one by a guest director. Every piece holds a ground-breaking erotic narrative, where taboos are shattered: from female masturbation to bending gender norms, from group love to fetishes, from dreamy fantasies to naturalist realness- all with an evolving cinematic style that brings a perfect combination of aesthetics and sensuality. This selection also features a trailer made for the celebration of 100 XConfessions films.

Filmprogram 1: A Glimpse of XConfessions

Thursday, 2019 June 6 19:00 Metropolis
Saturday, 2019 June 8 20:15 Zeise 1

Filmprogram 2: Awakening Visions

Thursday, 2019 June 6 21:00 Metropolis
Saturday, 2019 June 8 22:15 Zeise 1

Visions of desire – two short film programs of the Pornfilmfestival Berlin

The programme “Desire, Domination, Death” presents films that deal with desires and fantasies in BDSM. Four films provide insights into the game of dominance and submission. The Hamburgian director Jochen Hick opens the programme with a guest contribution that offers an intimate view of the life of “Gerd Hansen, 55”. Axel Straudinger’s vintage porn collage “Pornogewitter” transfers the fugue’s musical composition principle to pornographic depictions of love. In his experimental documentary “Protokolle”, Jan Soldat shows us close-ups of obscured faces during which men reveal their secret desires. Jan Soldat captures human sexualities beyond what is considered normal in his work. “Blood” too looks at yearnings. External material and staged scenes are mixed, culminating in a tour de force of sex, pain and self-digestion.

The programme “Body Politics” consists of five films with lots of new perspectives on the capital Berlin. Not only is Berlin the place the directors are calling their home, but it’s also some of the films’ pivotal point. Naya Pascual’s (The Outdoor Cat) film “Piedad” refuses all attempts of classification. Two sex workers are at the centre: They hang out at the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin, listen to trap music and wait for work. In this postmodern romantic thriller, love, friendship and sex encounter comedy, music and unexpected burials. Harvey Rabbit’s “The Chemo Darkroom” shows the dark room as a space of desire and rediscovery of the own body after chemo therapy. “It’s all consensual!” says the synopsis of “No Democracy Here” by Liad Hussein Kantorowcz. On election day, Liad gives her slaves a lesson in democracy. With an unusual kind of election, the film explores the boundaries between self-determination and submission within the context of BDSM. In their music clip “Release Me”, the Berliner band “Evvol” celebrates the summer of Berlin, queer femininity and intimacy among friends. “This Performance was not in the Programme” unravels the occurrences of a Berlin porn shooting in 2013.

Filmprogramm 1: Desire Domination, Death

Friday, 2019 June 7 22:00 B-Movie

Filmprogramm 2: Body Politics

Sonday, 2019 June 9 21:30 Zeise 2

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Jan Soldat at Vimeo

Over the last years, we have screened almost every single movie from Jan Soldat’s series of sexual portrait films. Now you can stream or download them for a very small fee at Vimeo On Demand. We cannot recommend that enough.

Jan Soldat at Vimeo

Las Hijas del Fuego longer in cinema!

Due to the great success of LAS HIJAS DEL FUEGO, the winner of the Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2018, there will be additional screenings until November 14, 2018.

If you didn’t have a chance to watch it yet, get your tickets now!

Tue, 2018-11-06 18:15 Moviemento
Wed, 2018-11-07 18:15 Moviemento
Fri, 2018-11-09 23:15 Moviemento
Sat, 2018-11-10 23:00 Moviemento
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