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As every year, the walls and corridors of Moviemento will present a variety of art works, curated by Iris Praefke.

Gener Studies

By: Frank Versace

Am I a painter or would I rather be a gynecologist? Is the explicit mapping, observation and discussion of genitalia medical, erotic or pornographic? Do I have to hide the pictures, when my mother-in-law or my godchild comes to visit?

Connect the dots!

By: Kerstin Klein

Dots. Black and small. Dot by dot the artist develops her drawings on paper. Erotic representations and alienation of the body. Pornographic images… always drawn with the utmost care. Dot by dot. Meticulously and delicately. Beautiful and savage artwork.

As you wish, my lady

By: Jo Pollux in collaboration with Sadie Lune

My Lady likes a dark space underground, we’ve all spent time there but none of us know the way. We wait for her inside ourselves, touching each other maybe. She first appears as clacking boots and crushed fig leaves on a stairway, then the boots slacken until still. She’s probably deciding, or maybe she’s done it days ago. I hold my breath, and hope.

LföE alias Fuck Art School Collective/
Logotorium for public arousal

Not anti-porn,
but still a certain charme of erotic
A decent show off
A nipplegate
Painting eyelashes with pursed mouth
The photovoyeur
Polaroids as a stylistic device of closeness
The sudden pic as a contrasexual (Preciado) pornographic tool
because it shows an explicit moment,
but not necessarily an explicit object of observation
Anyway it is to blury
On selfsex, feelings, rimming and why desire can hurt so much
An odeur of a fruit
Smelling images
Two lavalamps dancing tango
Having a stoner
The mushroom and the octopus
The coyote in a field full of lillies
Un fleur du porn
A lost sextoy
How beautiful was sparkling the beer in your belly;
the old heavy metal tin,
the dildo that once was pink and today is beige
A found lovestory
An old story love
Interlectual brainfuck
Intersuctional butt fucking
Arse licking in a circle
The artist is masturbating
Someone is posing in front of an x-large size poster showing the eifel tower
Pumpkin season.
İgnaz Medusah from the Queer Gang

Info: Logotorium for Public Arousal is an open and diverse collective of the people present on the set. The group’s method of operating follows the philosophy that every position in the making process is a drag. As the curators of the GEGENkino Filmfestival put it: “In search of inhuman affective relations, the Logotorium works within non-explicit post-porn, because the sexual dispositif itself is way too explicit anyways.” The Logotorium for Public Arousal collective’s films have been presented at the film festivals GEGENkino, La Fête du Slip, Berlin Pornfilmfestival.