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News from Pornfilmfestival Berlin

Attention: Submission deadline for this year’s festival is approaching soon!

Please remember to submit your films, performances and workshops online till May 31st, 2018.

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Fluidø + Shu Lea Cheang screening + Q&A

Do you want Complimentary ticket for screening of Fluidø in London. Please send an e-mail to and we put you on the guestlist.

18–20 May 2018

The Institute of Contemporary Arts is pleased to present NEO ULTRA PUNK. Participants include artists and filmmakers Shu Lea Cheang, Elizabeth Mputu, Ayesha Tan Jones, Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club, Zach Blas, Natasha Lall, Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, musician Lady Vendredi, producer Giulia Casalini and writers Mijke van der Drift and Matthew Fuller.

This three-day programme features new and recent works by artist and filmmaker Shu Lea Cheang, alongside presentations by performers, filmmakers and thinkers reflecting on Cheang’s concept ‘NEO ULTRA PUNK’ – the attitude of ‘a nouveau queer generation that includes refugees, migrants, functional diversity, transfeminism, open families, subversive motherhoods, forms of sustainable living and the rise of self-defence practices for self-empowerment.’

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Loud & Queer Party @Berlinale

Edition Salzgeber, Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion & M-Appeal invite you to the Loud & Queer Party @Berlinale on 18th February 2018 at Ritter Butzke beginning at 10pm (Ritterstraße 26, U Moritzplatz).

Where can one find films from previous Pornfilmfestival editions?

A question often asked, which we can finally answer.

Berlin Collection, the world sales agent for alternative, sex-positiv and feminist pornography started a co-operation with long-time festival sponsor Erotic Lounge. There you can find film now which have been previously presented at the festival. Every month new films will be available. Films by Foxhouse Films, Pink&White Productions, Emilie Jouvet and Bruce LaBruce are already on the site. You will find Erotic Lounge also along the sponsors in the footer.

More information or how to submit films to Berlin Collection please send an email to

A Hidden Story: The Limits of Pleasure

Underground filmmaker Anoush Masoudi whose performance “Pornography is a form of Resistance in Iran, how about Germany?” took place at the 12th Pornfilmfestival Berlin, got a new project planned: His experimental live-action short “A Hidden Story: The Limits of Pleasure” is due to be shot in Berlin in February and still looking for crowdfunding supporters to cover its costs. Check out the campaign on IndieGoGo and spread the word!–2/x/17917688#/

FluidØ in cinema

You missed it at the Pornfilmfestival?

See it in cinemas now! The new movie by Shu Lea Cheang, FluidØ

Location Cinema Schedule
Berlin Babylon 2017-11-16, 19:30 – Tickets
2017-11-19, 20:00 – Tickets
2017-11-27, 20:00 (with Shu Lea Cheang in person) – Tickets
2017-11-28, 20:00 – Tickets
2017-11-29, 20:00 – Tickets
Berlin Ladenkino 2017-11-16  – 2017-11-22
Berlin Sputnik 2017-11-16, 22:30 – Tickets
2017-11-17, 22:30 – Tickets
2017-11-18, 23:15 – Tickets
2017-11-19, 21:45 – Tickets
2017-11-20, 23:00 – Tickets
2017-11-21, 23:15 – Tickets
2017-11-22, 22:00 – Tickets
2017-11-25, 23:00 – Tickets
2017-11-27, 21:30 – Tickets
Leipzig LuRu 2017-11-16 – 2017-11-22
München Werkstattkino 2017-11-16 – 2017-11-22
Bamberg Lichtspiel December 2017


Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2017 Awards

Best feature film

by Edgardo Castro

This film is a trip on its own, it follows the protagonists from up close and with a lot of empathy for the small moments of many sex and drug induced nights. The director stages himself, completely free of shame, in scenes turning the inside out with such intensity, that it is a bliss to see it done with so much sober clarity. Many things come together: a discrete camera, gently pulling us in, the outstanding editing, throwing us from one situation into the next, and the casual tension of the amateur actors, letting us feel the story in present tense. A film that will stick with us.

Best short film

by Matt Lambert

Best documentary feature film

by Nicoletta Nesler & Marilisa Piga

The programmers of the Pornfilmfestival Berlin decided to give the documentary film award 2017 to a film about strong and independent women resisting a society that tries to force them into the traditional idea that every woman’s purpose in life is to be a mother. It is a film that is also made by two strong and independent women who share their thoughts and experiences as childless women with us and who won the hearts of the festival team as well as those of the audience.

Honorable mentions feature film

by Oompon Kitikamara

A special mention goes to the film “PlayBoy and the Gang of Cherry” by Oompon Kitikamara, because it shakes our viewing pattern with its particular, lyrical and cunning imagery, and leaves us both – curious and perplex.

by Émilie Jouvet

A special mention goes to the film “My body my rules” by Èmilie Jouvet, because it celebrates the female body in all its facets, and opens a loving and self defined space for them, in which they can live it up to the maximum.