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Cinema start party in Schwuz

Our recommendation to warm up for the festival:

Cinema start party of The Misandrists & FluidØ

20. October 2017, 23:00 – 8:00 @Schwuz (Rollbergstr. 26, 12053 Neukölln)

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QUEER-POP: Magritte Jaco, Dorfdisko DJ-Team, LCavaliero

THE MISANDRISTS & FLUIDØ-Floor: Autonome Beautyfarm, Bruce LaBruce, Blasfematic, Madlick

ROCKMUSIC: Viola, trust.the.girl

Visuals: Zoey Vero

Solishots & infostand: Trans*sexworks

Tickets for the Spektrum

This year the tickets for the screenings at Spektrum are only available at the Moviemento or can be ordered online through the ticket links in the program.


… so we guess we should start announcing our 2017 programme! :- Let’s start with the official CLOSING NIGHT FEATURE! We loved Eduardo Casanova’s PIELES, and so will you!