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Short film competition

Shortfilm program, 73 min.

Anyone still thinking that all porn looks the same? The Pornfilmfestival will gladly prove such cliché wrong. The SHORT FILM COMPETITION gives the best example of films that push aesthetic boundaries and challenge sexual norms. From experimental poetics to playful interactions, often political and at times unsettling, these are films that will stay in the viewer’s mind long after being watched.

Crystal clear, by Max Disgrace, UK 2017, 4′, engl. OV
Latifúndio, by Érica Sarmet, BR 2017, 11′, port. OV + engl. UT
Never forget, by Jonatan Gyllenör, SW 2016, 3′, int. OV
Green velvet, by Ben Berlin, DE 2017, 12′, int. OV
Mum, I’m back, by Dimitris Katsimiris, GR 2017, 5′, int. OV
Spill, by Four Chambers, UK 2016, 10′, int. OV
Flower, by Matt Lambert, DE 2017, 17′, engl. OV
Fantasme, by Thomas Buisson, FR 2016, 4′, int. OV
Furniture porn project, by Antoine Héraly, FR/DE 2017, 11′, int. OV


H  (Hetero)
S  (Gay)
L  (Lesbian)
T  (Transgender)
FT  (Fetish)
X  (Explicit sex scenes)
F  (Films made by women)


2017-10-25 21:00

2017-10-26 12:30

2017-10-28 12:00