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Sex Work Shorts

Shortfilm program, 72 min.

The Pornfilmfestival is a platform where sex workers have a voice. Thus are films with and by sex workers and about sex work dear to us. In this program we present fictional stories from a stripper and a porn performer. J. Jackie Baier portrays street sex work in her new music video. Two documentaries give room to different sex workers’ experiences, one of them the third part of the trilogy by David Bloom.

Eu queria ser arrebatada, amordaçada e, nas minhas costas, tatuada
By: Andy Malafaia
BR 2015, 16 min, pt. OV + engl. UT

By: André Krummel
DE 2015, 15 min, dt. OV + engl. UT

By: Javier Ferreiro
CU 2015, 18 min, span. OV + engl. UT

Pride on Heels
By: J. Jackie Baier
DE 2016, 3 min, int. OV

By: David Bloom
DE 2016, 20 min, engl. OV

Love in Porn
By: Kseniya Yorsh
US, 2016, 20 min, engl. OV


H   (Hetero)
S   (Gay)
T   (Transgender)
X   (Explicit sex scenes)
F   (Films made by women)
SW   (Sexwork)
D   (Documentary)


2016-10-27 17:00

2016-10-30 15:30