Program: Berlin porn shorts

The Berlin Porn Trademark stands for DIY, queer, political and fun films. This year’s program proudly stands for all of these things and their filmmakers are proof that it is possible to create films with an extraordinary quality for a very small budget. Get ready to cheer for the home team! Lemon taste, Nicky Miller, […]

Program: Female porn shorts

Female Power emanates from the films in this year’s FEMALE PORN SHORTS program. Their protagonists are confident, seductive and playful at once, and as diverse as femininity* is. Venus in scorpio, Evie Snax, US 2018, 3 min., int. OV PURE ‑ Black_Rabbit, Greta Isabella Conte, DE 2017, 20 min., dt. OV Triple P: political pussy […]

Program: Moving porn shorts

The films in the MOVING PORN SHORTS program combine dance, performance art and porn to explore sexuality. On stage or on a desert field, as solo show or with an ensemble, their protagonists create sensual and intimate portraits with their skilled movements. Burning palace, Mara Mattuschka, AT 2009, 31 min., int. OV Baby, Evie Snax, […]