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Mexican music clips (in English)
A journey through mexican trash pop culture

Sonderprogramm, 90 Min., engl.

Presented by Carlos Oceguera,
hosted by J. Jackie Baier & Jürgen Brüning

Mexico has a lively culture of music clips produced. Unbeknowst to me I was first introduced to see them when I visited Club Ye-Ye in downtown Guadalajara, where you can find a lot of gay clubs and bars. Carlos Oceguera, who owns Club Ye-Ye introduced J.Jackie Baier and myself to the drag performers of the club, mostly singing Mexican pop songs by local Mexican pop divas. When no show was on, music videos were flickering from the monitors.

Carlos gave us a lot of information on the songs, the performers and also the significance and political ramifications of these clips for the queer community as well for the general Mexican public. I asked Carlos to put a program of clips together to present at the Pornfilmfestival. This year you all have the chance to see this really colorful, trashy but yet powerful statement of queer expressions and politics in a pop culture genre which is hilarious to discover.

Carlos Oceguera holds a B.A. in Architecture of the University of Guadalajara and an M.A in Arts of the University of London. He owns La Prisciliana and Club Ye-Ye since 2003, clubs that are directed towards the queer community. He has been part of the organizing committee of Guadalajara Pride since 2013. He works at the University of Guadalajara as head of the Language department at the high school system.

Cha-cha bitch, Ru Paul, 3′
Donde está el pecado, Eduardo Antonio, 4′
Libertad, Cristian Chavez ft. Anahí, 3′
Un Calcetín, Astrid Hadadm 3′
Lady Marmalade, Carmen Carrera, 4′
Freak, Lorena Herrera ft. La Prohibida, 2′
Buga, La Gagis, 6′
Lokota, Sinica, 4′
Es una pasiva, Willam, 4′
Elie, Ricky Lips, 3′
Masoquista, Lorena Herrera, 5′
Play Hard, David Guetta, 4′


27.10.2017 20:15