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New Berlin Porn (OmU) with many guests

Pornfilmfestival Berlin presents:
The very best of the very latest Berlin art porn.

Guests: Andreas Boschmann, Francy Fabritz, Harvey Rabbit, Rona Geffen, Sky Deep


The character inside me (Die Figur in mir)

Markus is the city’s most popular public pisser. That’s what we learn on his blog where he posts his videos. In these he seems unrestrained and shameless. Yet behind the digital facade we meet a self-conscious and shy man. He claims to play a character.

Figur in mir

Andreas Boschmann, D 2015, 16 min
German with English subtitles

Coming out of space

Two lesbian women from out of space collide on earth. In super-slow-motion they fall on each other, though gravity seems to have left them. Two queer bodies in a sexy and tongue-in-cheek encounter like you probably haven’t seen before.

Coming out of space

Francy Fabritz, D 2016, 15 min
no dialogue


SLOWDANCE is a post-modern short film about homophobia, love, interracial romance, and bondage. The time is the 1940s, and the time is now. Two men come together in a hidden space to have a slow dance together. Even though their privacy is guaranteed in the underground bunker, they are still afraid to express their love. A third party spirit binds them together, allowing them to touch, to slowdance, to love. (Harvey Rabbit)


Harvey Rabbit, D 2016, 8 min
no dialogue

Strike! – Veins

STRIKE! is a sexy and pounding electronic opera based on the classical play Lysistrata by Aristophanes. STRIKE! proclaims a strong statement through music on modern days politics. Composed, written, performed & produced by Rona Geffen, Ann Streichman & Hilit Rozental. (Rona Geffen)


Danna Grace Windsor, D/IR/USA 2015, 4 min
no dialogue

The Afronaut

A fun animated adventure of Black woman in space, on earth and in a disco time and place. Sky Deep: “It was a concept I had for a music video for my song. I thought it would be fun to go on a spaceship road trip and discover an alien rave.”


Sky Deep, D 2016, 5 min
no dialogue


ENACTONE is queer vampire porn filmed in Berlin. After suffering a wrongful death during the Civil Rights era, Marie Scott – now a vampire – got a second chance at living to gain vengeance and live forever. This type of life comes with a price and like everyone else, MarieScott must pay. Enactone is a glimpse into queer, erotic rituals for a yearly vampire holiday. The question is, can Marie Scott resist the most prime orgasmic blood in her quest toward becoming the next lair mistress?


Sky Deep, D 2016, 51 min
English original version

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Im Moviemento gibt es am Sonntag um Mitternacht und nächste Woche von einigen Filmen Sondervorstellungen:

Montag, 31.10.2016, 20:00 Heartbreaker vs, Obscura + Enactone
Dienstag, 01.11.2016, 20:00 Dark Circus
Mittwoch, 02.11.2016, 20:00 Berlin Porn Shorts

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